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The lost continent of Atlantis, is it myth or reality?  Many disbelievers of the lost continent claim that Besides Plato's two work's of Timaeus and Critias there has been no written evidence found to support that such a civilization ever existed.   Thus, according to the disbelievers, we must presume that Plato simply invented this idea as an example of an ideal society.  But when analyzed in detail we see that every major religion of the world is based on the myth of this Atlantis otherwise known as Paradise. 

According to my favorite theory on Atlantis the flood that took place 11,600 years ago caused by the end of the last ice age (massive melting of glaciers which lead to 100-160 meter rise in world sea level) triggered earthquakes, volacnoes, and the drowning of major chunks of low lying land.  This flood sunk Atlantis which is now at the bottom of the South China Sea (according to this theory) - and at one time the southern end of East Asia fluently connected the islands of Indonesia which was one large land mass - this is all supported by geological evidence as the following internet site shows:

This is the best site around on Atlantis and I strongly suggest that you look at it - bookmark it - memorize it.  If this theory is proven it will truly change the world and the way we look at mankind and our origins. 

Here are two intriguing maps from the site:

Fig. 2 - Map by National Geographic Magazine of the Ancient World During the Ice Age (18,000 years ago)Fig. 1 - Map of Atlantis During the Ice Ages








I have connected this theory on Atlantis which I call the Southeast Asian theory with another theory that traces the origins of mankind and the different races among the current human population by our blood types. Well here it goes:

Tracing the history of mankind across the world is difficult. This is especially true when trying to match legend and myth with actual archeological and anthopological facts. But, due to the unavoidance of cross-cultural reproduction, when different cultures mix so do their genes. Interestingly unlike nuclear DNA Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from your mother. This makes tracing peoples history a little easier. However, one simple method of assessing relationships between cultures is their blood group. Various proteins in the blood have been named A and B. Some people have only one or the other (A and B groups), some people have both (AB) and some none (O group). There is also another protein called the Rhesus factor that some people have and others don't hence the second part of our blood types A- positive O- negative ect. 

This webpage investigates the history of mankind through blood groupings specifically through the (A), (B), (AB) and (O) groupings - it has left out the rhesus factor which we know as positive or negative.. If man is evolved from apes then there is something very strange since the AB group is almost non-existent in apes, and O is minimal! Chimpanzees are mainly group A (never B), and Gorillas are mainly group B (never A). Similarly, the early europeans had a high % of group A, whilst the Asiatic races had a high % of B. So the idea has been proposed that chimpanzees developed into Cro-Magnon man then Europeans, whilst Gorillas developed into the larger brained Neaderthals then into the Asians.  This may explain why the Asiatic races actually have larger average brain sizes (which does not relate directly to intelligence but only precisely to larger motor function centers) than the European races. 

One area in which this theory is lacking is in its accountance for group O - claiming that there must have been a third group of human ancestors who had blood type O but not speculating on the key questions of                                                                 1. Who this third group could have been                                                                                                                                 and 2. Why we have not found any skeletal or cultural evidence of their existance?                                                                   I believe group O was the lost population of people known as the Atlanteans who were the much more highly intelligent of our three post animal ancestors.  This may seem unlikely at first but when analyzed in detail this explanation makes sense.  Large populations of these three seperate but closely related proto-humans must have met, learned to coexist, and eventually cross-culturally reproduced.  As far as Cro-Magnon's and Neanderthals this is supported by archaeological evidence of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal skeletal remains found side by side reciprocal to how anthropologists believe they lived. 

As far as the Atlanteans being the third group of proto humans one of the best ways to analyze the second question - why we have not found any skeletal or cultural evidence of their existance - is through some of the oldest myths of the world - The Bagagavida or the Hindu legends.  One myth that a strange being came from the ocean - the Indian God of Shiva - and taught the early inhabitants of India a large number of their traditions including to cremate their dead.  Now Cremation is the butning of all remains of the human body to ashes!!  Burning the remains of any living thing to ashes erases the evidence that that living thing ever even existed.  Now the most likely theory on Atlantis at claims that when the continent and civilization of Atlantis was destroyed by a large number of cataclysms, including earthquakes, volcanoes, and the well documented flood all caused by the dawn of the last ice age, the surviving Atlanteans sailed around the world.  According to a universal tradition, civilization was brought just about everywhere by white, blond, blue-eyed, titanic giants. These giants are no other than the Atlanteans fleeing their destroyed Paradise and moving into their new homelands in order to make a fresh start.   These myths run from the Americas to Northern Africa to the Far East where the Atlanteans spread their knowledge and secrets to those they may have settled with. 

Oddly, in all of these areas the Neolithic revolution started at almost precisely the same time.  Many of the oldest dated structures of each of these areas date back to strikingly almost precisely the same time as well.  For example the Sphinx of Egypt which certan revolutionary Archaeologists, who I may say are highly criticized, has been dated to over 10,000 years old.  Certain gigantic slab stone so-called temples of South America have been discovered to have precise alignments with stars and constellations in the heavens approximately 10,000 years ago.  Certain archaeologist


For a table of blood groupings from cultures all around the world Click here.

For a world map showing the distribution of Type A and Type B.

For group O the Bororo, Mayans and Incas are all virtually 100% group O. And the Navajos are 73% group O, whilst the Blackfoot indians are 82% group A.

As for group AB, which is rare, the Peking Chinese, Korean, Japanese show a good 10-18%, whilst the Poles, Czechs and Hungarian Gypsies are close behind (9-10%). But there are some exceptions to this in that the Tartars and Hindus show also strong AB.

Whilst most groupings are generally split evenly there are some astonishingly pure groupings. These must be accounted for in any history of man! One webpage cites that some disease causing organisms have the same proteins on their surface as some of the blood types. Hence, some blood groups are more susceptible than others to certain diseases and so, for instance, populations will become depleted of certain blood groups after epidemics.

One webpage on Atlantis claims that the O blood group is the blood of royalty (blue blood), that stems from an Atlantean heritage. The races that possess this blood races (called the Red races) are races of the Americas; of the Canary Islands; Basques, Scandinavians, Celts, as well as certain Polynesian and Indonesian peoples.



Another theory claims that Atlantis existed on the Antarctic continent.  Somehow the crust of the earth shifted suddenly to freeze the entire continent and hide any evidence of the ancient civilization.  This theory seems hard to grasp for me but one piece of evidence presented here did make me think twice.  Wooly mammoths have been found in the Antarctic frozen with fresh grasses in their stomachs and tropical flowers in their mouths - As if the mammoths were feeding in a tropical environment in which fresh grass and flowers thrived and were suddenly surprised by a massive change in weather, temperature, and environment to entomb them.


Moreover, we also present pages on the reality of the Flood, the cataclysm that sunk Atlantis away, at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. This event took place 11,600 years ago, precisely the date given by Plato in his dialogues on Atlantis. We also argue the civilizing influence of Atlantis over essentially all ancient nations, both in the arts and the techniques as well as in the philosophical and metaphysical aspects of human civilization.


Atlantis is the ultimate source of all mythologies and all religions. Indeed, the essence of the ancient Mystery Religions — from which Christianity sprung — centered on the theme of Atlantis and its demise in the cataclysm we call the Flood. The eschatology — that is, the doctrine of final things such as Doom and the Resurrection of the Dead — of Millenarian Religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism all issue rather directly from the myths of Atlantis and its terrible fate.

So do traditions such as the Grail Cycle and the myth of the Wandering Hero in search of Paradise. Indeed, Atlantis is no other than the Primordial Paradise, which was the source from where the gods and angels brought the Gospels and the seeds of knowledge in the dawn of times. In this section we review certain themes like the Atlantean origin of myths, symbols and rites such as the Mysteries and the Christian Sacraments which we commemorate more or less apishly, in total ignorance of their essential connection with Atlantean events.